Werner von Braun

Hidden Agenda?


Going dark,” in espionage parlance, means hiding and ceasing to communicate, as when a spy goes to ground un­til things calm down. To “take it dark” means to remove something from public view, meanwhile clandestinely con­tinuing to operate whatever the asset may be. This can be as simple as moving a suddenly sensitive discussion from an open radio channel to an encrypted one, or the more complicated faking the breakdown of a satellite, or even re­porting its loss, but continuing to clandestinely receive the data….

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Hitler’s Last Card


NAZIS ARE MAKING NEWS AGAIN Late in 2010 headlines in several European newspapers, including Britain’s Mail and Telegraph screamed that Hit­ler’s last attempt to win the war could have been a surprise assault on London and New York carried out with giant antigravity flying disks—an attack thwarted only by the end of WWII. Long circulated in the UFO underground, the story received a new lease on life when German science magazine PM reported evidence for the existence of such an advanced and secret program in…

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