The Fate of the Watchers

By Andrew Collins

The Genesis Secret by Thomas Knox (HarperCollins, 2009, and see also the website http://thegenesissecret .com) is a novel centered around the discovery in southeast Turkey of the proto-Neolithic megalithic complex of Gobekli Tepe, constructed ca. 10,000 BC by an unknown race of people at the end of the last Ice Age. Thomas Knox is the nom-de-plume of British journalist Sean Thomas, who first contacted me back in 2007. He had become interested in Gobekli Tepe, which I’d written about extensively since visiting there and nearby…

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The Cranial Deformation Mystery

By David H. Childress

Many of you may remember the old Saturday Night Live routine with Dan Akroyd and gang as the strange family of “Coneheads” (later made into a feature movie). This bizarre family of comical weirdos had long, bald heads that were about twice as long as a normal human head—heads that came to a sharp point at the top, hence the name “coneheads.” As funny and strange as this may appear, such “coneheads” did, and do, exist! In fact, the remains of “coneheads” of various shapes…

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