Secrets of the Alchemists

By Joseph Robert Jochmans, Lit.D.

Without a doubt the best known claim of the alchemists was the transmutation of lead into gold. Modern physicists up until the end of the nineteenth century dismissed such notions as ridiculous, for it violated all known laws of the stability and constancy of the elements. But then came Madame Joliot-Curie, radium, and the discovery of radioactive substances which can be transformed by isotope decay from higher atomic number elements to lower number ele­ments. So far, physicists have been able to synthesize up to element…

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The Cranial Deformation Mystery

By David H. Childress

Many of you may remember the old Saturday Night Live routine with Dan Akroyd and gang as the strange family of “Coneheads” (later made into a feature movie). This bizarre family of comical weirdos had long, bald heads that were about twice as long as a normal human head—heads that came to a sharp point at the top, hence the name “coneheads.” As funny and strange as this may appear, such “coneheads” did, and do, exist! In fact, the remains of “coneheads” of various shapes…

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Mercury: Metal of Mystery


Who has not been entranced by their first sight of Mercury? Those silvery globules racing around in a madcap chase more than justify the metal’s other name of ‘quicksilver’, while their elusiveness and their eternal motion are quali­ties that affirm their refusal to be captured and emphasize their determination to preserve the secrets of this unique metal. The very fact of being a liquid metal is in itself a paradox. How can a metal be liquid? we wonder and it is one of the many…

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Did Our Ancestors Know How to Fly?


Throughout history there have been many common myths and legends of flying machines or devices—the familiar flying carpets of ancient Arabia; Biblical figures such as Ezekiel and Solomon flying from place to place and the “mag­ical chariots,” or Vimanas, of ancient India and China. There are many Chinese legends of flight, including a legendary flying chariot belonging to an ancient Chinese prince and the more recent Wan Hooof the 15th century A.D. or so. He allegedly built a sturdy wooden framework around a comfortable chair…

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