Tom Van Flandern

Hidden Agenda?


Going dark,” in espionage parlance, means hiding and ceasing to communicate, as when a spy goes to ground un­til things calm down. To “take it dark” means to remove something from public view, meanwhile clandestinely con­tinuing to operate whatever the asset may be. This can be as simple as moving a suddenly sensitive discussion from an open radio channel to an encrypted one, or the more complicated faking the breakdown of a satellite, or even re­porting its loss, but continuing to clandestinely receive the data….

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The Curious Case of the Martian Parrot While the so-called Face on Mars, gazing enigmatically upward from the Cydonia plain, has remained the most famous ex­ample of what some believe to be evidence for human-like civilization on the red planet, it is, by no means, the only one. Now, the possible sighting of an enormous Martian “geoglyph” closely resembling a parrot is getting some new scientific scrutiny. According to researcher George Haas and his colleagues at the Cydonia Institute, which studies anomalous material from Mars,…

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Taking Aim at the Big Bang

By Amy Acheson

In the 1960s, astronomer Halton Arp discovered that galaxies are “born” and grow into family groups. In some cases, he could trace their genealogy through as many as four generations. This is the kind of discovery that every astrono­mer dreams of making. It promises to improve our understanding of the universe as much as Galileo’s discoveries improved our understanding of the solar system. Arp’s observations should have been celebrated and promoted. In­stead, as with Galileo, his work has been rejected and ridiculed by the astronomical…

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