Thomas Brophy

The Astronomers of Nabta Playa


According to most experts the dawn of Western civilization occurred in the fourth millennium B.C. with the sudden flowering of Sumer in southern Iraq and Pharaonic Egypt soon after. This is the mainstream view that was taught when I was a college student. Increasingly, however, it is under assault. Recent discoveries are challenging almost everything we thought we knew about human history. In 1973 a team of archaeologists made such a discovery while traveling through a remote region in southern Egypt. They were navigating by…

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Dubai Conference Spotlights Interest in Ancient Mysteries Is Atlantis rising in Dubai? From indoor ski venues to vast luxury developments built on artificial islands, the oil-rich desert kingdom on the southern Persian Gulf has amply demonstrated that when it is interested in something, cost is no restraint on its imagination. Now, apparently, the kingdom has publicly demonstrated its taste for ancient myster­ies—Atlantis Rising-style. For two days in November (the 29th and 30th) no less than five (out of eight) world-class speakers who have ei­ther written…

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Mount Nemrut: Ancient Place of Initiation?

By Robert Schoch, Ph.D.

High in the eastern Taurus (southern Anti-Taurus) mountain range of modern Turkey, nestled between the mountains to the north and the Euphrates River to the south, at an elevation of some 7,000 feet, the gods congregate at a place known as Mount Nemrut (Nemrud Dagi). Visit the site today and after trekking up the mountain trail, you will arrive at a huge artificial limestone tumulus some 165 feet tall and nearly 500 feet in diameter erected on the natural summit of the mountain. Major terraces…

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