Intelligent Productions

By Marsha Oaks

Intelligent Design as a theory of life origins is gaining momentum on many fronts. Now a new DVD adds a significant new piece to the puzzle. Another offers new light on the mysteries of the Holy Grail. And still another explores the possibilities of quantum communication. You have some fascinating viewing to look forward to. DARWIN’S DILEMMA: The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record Illustra Media This feature-length documentary examines the Cambrian explosion of life, one of the most remarkable events in the history of…

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Lost Ancient Technology


Since its inception, this magazine has devoted considerable space to the topic of lost ancient technology. We even produced a video/DVD on the subject, Technologies of the Gods, and a book Forbidden History. Now two of the re­searchers who played key roles in much of our coverage have teamed up to produce a DVD of their own. ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY IN EGYPT David Hatcher Childress and Christopher Dunn “Archaeology is largely the study of history’s toolmakers,” says Chris Dunn, “and archaeologists understand a soci­ety’s level of…

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