Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the Forgotten Senses

By John Chambers

On his first night at Lubyanka Prison in Moscow, the lean, frightened army captain was subjected to subtle cruelties he never knew existed. And this despite the fact that he had been battling the Nazi invaders across the steppes of Rus­sia for four years, first as a soldier, then as an officer, in the Soviet Union’s Red Army. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 26, had been arrested at the battlefront on February 9, 1945, for making derogatory re­marks about Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in letters to a friend….

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The Rules of Magic


In the Chicago Sun Times review of the recently released Hollywood fantasy Eragon, film critic Miriam Di Nunzio complains that she just doesn’t understand why the black magician Durza “cannot simply wave his hands and re­trieve” the missing blue stone sought by the evil king and his minions. And later she questions the logic of a story in which the villain is surprised to discover that there are forces hostile to the king who should have been exterminated. “Why Durza can’t magically divine this is…

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Independent Thinking in the Academic World

By Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.

As regular readers of Atlantis Rising know, I have found myself butting heads with mainstream academics more than once. Perhaps most famously, or infamously, for two decades I have advocated the position that the Great Sphinx of Egypt traces its origins back thousands of years earlier than the standard Egyptological date of circa 2500 BC(as re­counted in various issues of Atlantis Rising, including most recently AR #s 76 and 78). An older Sphinx overturns the classical view of when and where civilization and high culture…

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The Psi in CSI

By Barbara Jason

Are police departments today more willing to utilize something other than traditional techniques—including the psy­chic—for solving crime? Do ongoing developments in forensic science and technology obviate the use of the mind in criminal detection? Where does the future lead us? In truth, the traditional role of the detective is itself a relatively new development in law enforcement. An out­growth of the recognized need for specialists who could keep some distance from ordinary street policing led to the development of a group of specialists who could…

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