Stephen Mehler

Giants in the Earth


Were there really giants roaming the earth in ancient times as the famous Biblical passage informs us? If we are to believe the books of the Bible that follow Genesis, tribes of giants were still inhabiting much of the Middle East even when the Israelites arrived in the “Promised Land.” In the Old Testament we are informed of the numerous ensuing battles between the Israelites and certain giant tribes known as the Anakim, Zuzim, Zamzummin, Emim, Avvim, Hor­ites and Rephaim. The most famous giant was,…

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The Lost World of Egypt’s Abu Ghurob


About a 20-minute drive from the Great Pyramid, and visible from the Giza Plateau on a clear day, is one of Egypt’s greatest treasures from antiquity, and one of the most extraordinary places on our planet. Abu Ghurob is a closed-to-the-public archaeological site in the pyramid fields that run alongside the Nile south of Cairo. Egyptologists quaintly refer to it as a ‘sun temple’, a ‘burial center’ or ‘funerary complex’ for a new cult of Ra (they usually use these terms when the actual function…

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