The Celestial Art of Keeping Secrets


There is little doubt that Freemasonry inherited a body of knowledge from remarkably early times. While masons used such knowledge for practical applications in building cathedrals and bridges, they understood a concept of “As above, so below,” that went far beyond the practical. They were not the only ones. From the most ancient times man believed the heavens ruled the earth. Going against the will of the stars was inviting trouble. As “aster” was the Greek word for star, a dis-aster was the result of…

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Icons & Soul Alchemy


The transfiguration of Jesus is one of the most transcendent, yet bizarrely neglected, events ever recorded in myth or sacred tradition. Perhaps this is because it sounds mystical in the extreme, even preposterous, like the story of a ge­nie out of a bottle. Midway through his ministry, Jesus took three disciples and slipped off secretly to a high moun­tain on the borderland between the human and divine. He had something to show them. Suddenly, says Mark, Jesus becomes radiant, his clothing shining white as light….

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Time Traveling for the U.S. Military

By Len Kasten

The black and white photograph shows a boy standing alone in a clearing on the Gettysburg battlefield. He is wearing a men’s Union Army parka and shoes about four sizes too large. He appears somewhat out of place since he is all alone. In the background, a large audience is assembled, and a dais is set up, while in the foreground a group of three men is in serious discussion. The photo purports to be the scene just before Lincoln began to deliver the Gettysburg…

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The Wonders of Water


The news reports say that the wars of the future will be fought over water, not oil, an eventuality, which would be ironic indeed, since we have not begun to appreciate the true value of the familiar liquid. WATER That’s it—just Water—the most common substance on earth that is a part of every moment of our lives. But what do we really know about it—even after the excellent research of Dr. Masaru Emoto (of What the Bleep Do We Know? fame and his DVDs: Messages…

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