Serpent Mound

America’s Mound Builders: The Mystery Deepens


The term Mound Builder typically elicits images of well-known earthen mounds found all over America. These in­clude the huge 100-foot tall Monks Mound at Cahokia, Illinois, the complex of platform mounds at Moundville, Ala­bama, a spectacular effigy mound such as Ohio’s Serpent Mound or any of the thousands of other mounds still exist­ing all over the country. Until 1997, the oldest American mound, defined as a manmade formation of earth or stone constructed with a de­liberate intent, was at Poverty Point, Louisiana. The massive Poverty…

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Is Our Planet a Crystal?

By Joseph Robert Jochmans, Lit.D.

Is there, flowing across the world, a single planetary energy system, long forgotten to modern humanity? And here and there along the energy pathways, did a prehistoric global civilization once tap into its power by building vast transmission and receiving stations, using various forms of monumental architecture? Have today’s historians been so out of touch with the obvious interconnections of all of these remains that they have tried to explain the silent sentinel ruins as nothing more than “primitive” construction projects having little meaning or…

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