Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel & 2012


The inscription on William Sinclair’s grave in Rosslyn Chapel reads: William de St. Clair, Knight Templar. On his gravestone a mysterious key with an eight-pointed cross is depicted. The official coat of arms of the Sinclair’s is a four-pointed cross in a stitch pattern, and it’s well known that the Knights Templar used both four- and eight-pointed crosses in their coat of arms. So the question is: what does this key on William Sinclairs grave represent? Could this key possibly unlock some of the mysteries…

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Mystery of the Black Madonna


Throughout the ages the image of the black madonna has elicited profound veneration, but also intense trepidation and even abhorrence from its observers. While Catholics have sought to denigrate and even to shun the numerous Black Madonnas scattered throughout their own European churches—the followers of the older, nature-centered and alternative faiths have traditionally praised its beauty and uplifting power. In 1952 during a convention of the Ameri­can Association for the Advancement of Science, representatives of the church made their feelings clear when a paper on…

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The Holy Grail

by Frank Joseph

About 800 years ago, a French poet told of the Grail for the first time. Chretien de Troyes described it as a shining ob­ject and the world’s most precious treasure. “No gem can compare to the Grail,” he wrote. Later, Wolfram von Eschenbach declared that the Grail was a huge emerald owned by a brotherhood of pure-hearted knights, who kept it under guard in a mountain castle. According to the German writer, anyone allowed to approach the Grail when it began to glow received great…

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America’s Ambiguous Beginnings


It has be said, that even paranoids have enemies. Sometimes those enemies might be other paranoids. The one thing most conspiracy theories have in common, be they of the right or the left, is fear and plenty of it. The idea of collu­sion behind the scenes may scare some people, but it really depends on who is doing the colluding and who is being kept in the dark. Certainly America’s victory in World War II was made possible because secret plans were made in se­cret…

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