Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel’s Darkest Secret


In “Return to Rosslyn Chapel,” published in Atlantis Rising #48, I revealed my discovery of a Lorraine Cross encoded in Rosslyn’s five-course vaulted ceiling. Wayne Herschel, author of 2003’s The Hidden Records, has now added an­other layer to the mystery by claiming that a Vitruvian Man, a symbol made much of in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, is also encoded there. His claim has led me to Rosslyn’s darkest secret. I had discovered the cross when, upon looking at the ceiling, I noticed that…

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The Pyramids of Scotland: Revisited

By Jeff Nisbet

The Internet has become the long and investigative arm of Everyman, and in no field of inquiry is this more apparent than in genealogy. The new breed of genealogical cybersleuth has shown that ordinary people share an abiding inter­est in their past, where they came from, and how they got where they are today. If societies are the sum of their parts, we might then assume that the ancient Egyptians entertained those same motives when they built their pyramid complex at Giza exactly where they…

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The Templars’ Greatest Secret


According to one esoteric tradition, after excavating the foundations of Solomon’s Temple for nine years the Templar Knights left the Middle East with five “caskets” or cases full of treasures they had collected in the HolyLand. These cases, the story goes, were eventually deposited in Kilwinning, the Mother Lodge of Scottish Freemasonry, before be­ing transported to Rosslyn Castle, ancient home of the Sinclair Barons of Rosslyn, where they were kept safe until a fire broke out in the building. The cases were then quickly removed…

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The Grail in America


A great deal of literature has seen light in recent years about the voyage of the “Holy Grail” from Europe to America. The idea of a Templar Fleet sailing the oceans and carrying their treasure trove across the Atlantic was extensively re­searched by Baigent and Lee for their 1989 “The Temple and the Lodge.” Many authors had picked up the theme, tracing and documenting the ability of the original Knights Templar to perform such a feat, as they escaped from the continent on their ships…

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Cryptic Aramaic Message Found in Ancient Ritual Cup A mysterious 2,000-year-old “ritual” cup has been discovered by archaeologists in Jerusalem. Unlike similar cups which have turned up, this one has 10 lines of Aramaic or Hebrew text inscribed within it. So far, the scholars have been unable to translate the message, but they see the Hebrew word for God, YHWH, or Yahweh. The message ap­pears to be deliberately cryptic. The cup was found near the Zion gate by a team led by two University of…

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Even More News

OLD WILLIAMSBURG MYSTERY PERSISTS The “Bruton Vault” said to be the repository of the deepest secrets of Sir Francis Bacon and, maybe the Western world, is up for consideration, if not excavation, again. A group calling itself “Sir Francis Bacon’s Sages of the Sev­enth Seal” is seeking once again to excavate the alleged crypt beneath the old Episcopal church in Williamsburg, Vir­ginia. In this spot, it is said, the heirs and followers of Sir Francis Bacon buried a trove of priceless secrets brought to the…

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Templars in Mexico

By Steven Sora

The order of the Knights Templar would survive for less than two centuries. In the period between 1108 and 1307 it would have a spectacular rise and a devastating fall. The order’s history is based equally on legend and fact, in part be­cause the order wanted it that way. Many of the order’s secrets remain as secrets even today. Written records remain concealed; others have been destroyed; but still others remain in plain sight for those who understand enough to rec­ognize what they actually mean….

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Secrets of the Cathedrals

By Jan Wicherink

The Gothic cathedral architecture originated in France in the early twelfth century during the heyday of the Knights Templar. The Templars officially called the ‘Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon’ formed a knight’s order of priests who ostensibly protected the pilgrimage routes to Jerusalem. Founded in 1118 by Hugo de Payens the order originally included nine brave knight-priests. The group eventual­ly became one of the richest and most powerful in history. With the vast wealth, collected from financing the cru­sades, the…

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The Templars & the Shroud


According to tradition, the Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of Jesus. It resides in the Cathedral at Turin, Italy (and can be viewed online at its official web site: /en/welcome.htm). The prove­nance of the Shroud has now been established well enough to say with some certainty that it did indeed cover Jesus in the tomb. Prior to its placement in the cathedral, the Knights Templars had possession of the shroud and kept it folded in a wooden container with a viewing window,…

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The Lost Legacy of Freemasonry


Dan Brown’s recent bestselling novel, The Lost Symbol, depicts Freemasonry as having a fundamental role in the founding of America. The “lost” symbol or final secret of Freemasonry as used by Brown in his fast-paced thriller, gives, along the way, very good information about Masonic lore and its role in the formation of our nation. (I speak as a Mason, myself.) Central to it all are images of light, and the answer—during Masonic initiations—which a candi­date gives to the question, “What do you desire most…

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