Robert Bauval

Nabta Playa’s Prehistoric Astronomers


In 1973 an international team of anthropologists called the Combined Prehistoric Expedition (CPE) headed by Fred Wen­dorf and Romuald Schild were 100 km west of Abu Simbel, on a break in the blazing heat, when someone noticed pot­sherds and fine stone tools. They had discovered what came to be known as Nabta Playa. The CPE began excavating there every winter and uncovered, cataloged, and radio carbon dated numerous layers of artifacts dating from circa 7,000 BCE to 3,300 BCE. They found tombs of cattle that…

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Navel of the World or Stargate?


The Great Pyramid has been many things to many people. Most Egyptologists are certain it is nothing more than the tomb of a megalomanical king. Less mainstream researchers are convinced it is a time capsule. Still others conclude it is an observatory of some kind. A modern proponent of the Great Pyramid’s astronomical significance is the famous construction engineer, Robert Bauval. He argues that the pyramid-builders oriented it to the Belt of Orion (Osiris, to the Egyptians) around 2450 B.C. This is some 200 years…

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Codes from the Ancients

By Marsha Oaks

Did our mysterious ancestors leave secret codes behind—riddles which were destined to remain virtually unbroken until our, supposedly, enlightened age could, at last, unlock them? Is, after centuries and even millennia of darkness, the wisdom of the ancients now being brought to light again? The producers of all three of the following DVDs think so. EGYPT DECODED: An Interview with Robert Bauval by Philip Gardiner Robert Bauval burst on the scene in 1994 when he put forth his “Orion Correlation Theory”(OCT) in his first book…

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