Tales of Atlantis

By Frank Joseph

Edgar Cayce, the 20th Century “Sleeping Prophet,” often spoke of many lost worlds in his celebrated altered states of consciousness. In fact, of the 1,600 persons for whom he conducted “life-readings,” about 700 were told of conditions in the vanished homelands of civilization. Cayce’s credentials as a genuine seer into the ancient past are wonderfully presented in two particularly outstanding examples, one of them about the Essenes. These were members of a small Jewish sect that began in the 2nd Century B.C. They lived a…

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Awareness Elevation

By Marsha Oaks

The reality of the spirit World is at the core of each of the productions up for consideration this time but with three very different approaches. MURDER OF MARY MAGDALENE: Genocide of the Holy Bloodline Dan Green Dan Green is one of the many authors to jump on The Da Vanci Code bandwagon with the publication of a book claiming that the real links are with Lincoln Cathedral in England. According to him, the statue of Alfred Lord Ten­nyson (Tennyson being a leading Priory of…

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Explorations of Immortality


The so-called undiscovered country, the world beyond death, is the territory appoached in all three of these DVDs. On a subject that could be the most urgent for humans on Earth, each of these has something important and memorable to say. INFINITY–THE ULTIMATE TRIP: Journey Beyond Death Jay Weidner In this documentary, Weidner explores the story of our infinite nature via personal accounts of near-death experiences, as well as transformative states (including out-of-body experience and after-death communication), that lead to expanded consciousness. Featured are noted…

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