The Copper Scroll Conundrum

By Philip Coppens

In 1947 a number of scrolls were discovered in caves along the Dead Sea coast. They have gone down in history as “The Dead Sea Scrolls” and continue to be at the center of worldwide controversy. Why? Because the discovery and especially decipherment of these scrolls opened a radically different point of view on early Christianity and Judaism around the time of Christ. At the time of the discovery, some experts believed that the community that resided near­by, at Qumran, and which some have labeled…

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ZECHARIA SITCHIN PASSES Zecharia Sitchin, longtime advocate for the idea that human advancement on Earth is a product of ancient extrater­restrial intervention, died on October 9, 2010. He was 92. Author of the Earth Chronicles series, Sitchin first gained international fame in 1976 with publication of the best­selling book 12th Planet which made the case that ancient cuneiform texts, which he could translate, told the story of interactions between alien overlords and human slaves who served as virtual guinea pigs for genetic experimenta­tion. He would…

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Tales of Atlantis

By Frank Joseph

Edgar Cayce, the 20th Century “Sleeping Prophet,” often spoke of many lost worlds in his celebrated altered states of consciousness. In fact, of the 1,600 persons for whom he conducted “life-readings,” about 700 were told of conditions in the vanished homelands of civilization. Cayce’s credentials as a genuine seer into the ancient past are wonderfully presented in two particularly outstanding examples, one of them about the Essenes. These were members of a small Jewish sect that began in the 2nd Century B.C. They lived a…

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