pre-Columbian copper mining

Technologies of the Gods—In the Americas

By Frank Joseph

Atlantis Rising readers and regular watchers of the History Channel are familiar with some amazingly sophisticated high technology that highlighted the ancient Old World. Examples include the Eastern Mediterranean “Antikythera Device”—a 2,100-year-old analog computer designed to calculate astronomical positions; Minoan Crete’s Phaistos Disc—a baked clay artifact impressed with movable type 32 centuries before Guttenberg re-invented the same process; a dynastic Egyptian pregnancy test that preceded our own by more than four thousand years; and many other specimens of advanced application. Far less well known are…

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Ancient High Tech Revisited

In the late 1990’s, Atlantis Rising set out to produce three video documentaries that covered the areas of greatest interest to our chosen audience. The plan was: I would write and narrate the productions, while my partner and frequent Atlantis Rising cover artist, Tom Miller, who had a long filmmaking resume, would direct. Technologies of the Gods, which dealt with evidence for advanced ancient technology, came first. Later, Clash of the Geniuses would get into suppressed technology, and finally, The Atlantis Connection—English Sacred Sites, would…

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