Paramahamsa Tewari

Physics from Outside the Box

By William B. Stoecker

The standard model of modern physics is an uneasy blend of relativity theory and quantum mechanics. Relativity theory, developed by Hendrik Lorentz and Henri Poincare and Albert Einstein, supposedly explains gravity and the bending of light near massive bodies, among other things. Quantum mechanics has given us lasers and transistors and also purports to explain a good many things. But no one yet has developed, and then conclusively proven, a theory completely unifying these two pillars of modern physics. Most recently, string theory has attempted…

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Did Ancient Shamans Know Secrets of the Wave?


In a recent conversation with Toby Grotz, I again had the privilege of glimpsing the big picture of an emerging future science. It’s based on a deeper understanding of how the universe works. Throughout history and prehistory, individuals have momentarily seen beyond the material world into the non-material. They peer more deeply into creation and perceive non-physical spiraling energy; they see the results of invisible vortices that create matter and destroy and create again endlessly. The same dynamic is everywhere, from the galactic down to…

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On the Eve of Destruction or the Threshold of Freedom?

By Jeane Manning

From the Fukushima disaster onward, the past year was a rough ride. And then we’re told that an Earth-like planet was discovered. I agree with the Canadian radio announcer who said we have to travel to it speedily—to stop the primates from evolving. Seriously, it looks like our species is about to take an evolutionary leap—either over the cliff of self-destruction or toward a higher ground of awareness, responsibility, and harmony with life. The outcome won’t be decided by a toss of a cosmic coin…

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