Octave DuTemple

Technologies of the Gods—In the Americas

By Frank Joseph

Atlantis Rising readers and regular watchers of the History Channel are familiar with some amazingly sophisticated high technology that highlighted the ancient Old World. Examples include the Eastern Mediterranean “Antikythera Device”—a 2,100-year-old analog computer designed to calculate astronomical positions; Minoan Crete’s Phaistos Disc—a baked clay artifact impressed with movable type 32 centuries before Guttenberg re-invented the same process; a dynastic Egyptian pregnancy test that preceded our own by more than four thousand years; and many other specimens of advanced application. Far less well known are…

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Prehistoric Michigan Copper


In September 2011, I gave the keynote address at the Seventh International Conference on Ancient America in Marquette, Michigan, organized by the Ancient Artifact Preservation Society and Ancient America magazine. Marquette is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, on the shores of Lake Superior. It is a beautiful area. I visited the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, which features sandstone lake-shore cliffs, deserted beaches, sand dunes, streams, and forest. The day before the conference I hiked to the Lake Superior shore on some forest trails. When…

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