New Grange

The Celestial Art of Keeping Secrets


There is little doubt that Freemasonry inherited a body of knowledge from remarkably early times. While masons used such knowledge for practical applications in building cathedrals and bridges, they understood a concept of “As above, so below,” that went far beyond the practical. They were not the only ones. From the most ancient times man believed the heavens ruled the earth. Going against the will of the stars was inviting trouble. As “aster” was the Greek word for star, a dis-aster was the result of…

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Enigma of the Geoglyphs


When the biblical author (divine or anonymous) of the Old Testament stated in Genesis 6:1-4 that “there were giants in the earth in those days”—i.e., before the Deluge—he might have been referring to the truly gigantic image of a man etched into the side of a green hill in the south of England. There, visitors may still behold the 180-foot high, 167-foot wide depiction of a naked man, phallus erect, wielding a knotted, 120-foot long club in his right hand. The entire biomorph was formed…

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