Atlantis and the Neanderthals


Charles Hapgood, an American professor of history, became convinced in 1989 that a civilization, ‘with high levels of science,’ had existed at least 100,000 years ago. In the mid-1950s, Hapgood had written a book called Earth’s Shifting Crust, to which Einstein contributed an In­troduction, arguing that the whole crust of the earth undergoes periodic ‘slippages,’ one of which in 9500 B.C. had caused the North Pole to move from Hudson Bay to its present position. And in 1966, his Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings…

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Even More News

CHINESE WRITING 8,000 YEARS OLD Until recently, the beginnings of writing in the form of symbolic characters, not just pictures, was said to go back about 4,500 years. Now new discoveries in northwestern China may push the threshold of such writing back to 8,000 years ago. The Damaidi rock carvings were first discovered in the 1980’s and contained many primitive pictograms of the type found in similar settings around the world, but subsequent research has turned up more than 2,000 pictorial symbols which have been…

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Enigma of the Carpathian Sphinx


People the world over are familiar with the Egyptian Great Sphinx, but there is another Sphinx, this one found in modern Romania. It is located on a vast plateau, at an elevation of 7270 feet (2216 meters) atop the fortress-like Bucegi Mas­sif (part of the Bucegi Mountains of the Southern Carpathians in Romania). Besides the Carpathian Sphinx, other enigmatic rock formations are found here, such as Babele (The Old Women Rock), Omu Peak (Omu refers to “Person” or “People”), the Bearded Head, the Emerging Head,…

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