morphic resonance

Prayer Power


In its broadest terms, prayer refers to any kind of communication with a Higher Power, the Absolute, or God. For millennia, humans have been making requests to a higher entity in the form of gifts, actions, or verbal supplication. Prayer is still alive and well in the world today in its many different and fascinating forms. People believe in it, use it, and sometimes rely on it for guidance and healing. Perhaps you know someone who has gone to an energy healer and come away…

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Science vs. Nature

By Marsha Oaks

More unsung heroes deserve our attention than we can ever cover here, but we do our best. We’ve got three good ones this time. VIKTOR SCHAUBERGER: Comprehend and Copy Nature Film by Franz Fitzke This documentary on the life and work of Viktor Schauberger presents a comprehensive and entertaining survey of historical facts, current research, and various practical applications in both technology and the natural world. Schauberger (1885-1958) was born in Holzschlag, Austria, to a long line of Austrian foresters who could be traced back…

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Seeking Expert Opinion


When the mainstream press ignores and attempts to debunk much of the important research reported in this maga­zine, it is easy to lose sight of the experience and qualifications of the paradigm-challenging scientists which makes them such a threat to the academic establishment. Some DVDs, though, will remind you. DNA BY DESIGN: The Origin of Life Stephen C. Meyer, Ph.D. Here’s another exciting DVD from Randolph Productions. We’ve already reviewed the previous: Unlocking the Mystery of Life; Privileged Planet; and Darwin’s Dilemma. This production is…

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