Return to Oak Island

By Steven Sora

The road stretches on from one small town to another along Nova Scotia’s southern coast. Finally a sign indicates Oak Island, not a town, but a tiny island just over 100 acres in a bay that holds three hundred islands. The turn-off from Route 3 leads past a few houses and finally to a causeway with a sign announcing it is private property. There is little to indicate that this remote place, often shrouded in fog, is home to one of the world’s greatest and…

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The Discovery of the Old World by Native Americans

by Steven Sora

The winter of 1534 was particularly cruel to the first French adventurers in the New World led by Jacques Cartier. In their camp on the coast of the St. Lawrence River, near what would become Montreal, scurvy broke out. The hideous disease had taken the lives of twenty-five men whose bodies were piled under snowdrifts. The ground was too frozen to properly bury the dead. Among the remaining one hundred and twenty-five, only ten men were healthy. Those ten attempted to make enough noise to…

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