Michael Cremo

How Old Is the Earth, Really?


We are on a remote, dusty plain in Montana. The Discovery Channel takes us breathlessly to view the excavation of the grave of a 65-million-year-old Mama T-Rex. The intact, huge and heavy thigh bone of the weighty mom must be broken in half to enable a helicopter to pick it up, and by this serendipitous event, a researcher later discovers that the inside of the bone yet contains organic tissue! “Currently,” a commentator opines, “the biochemical community estimates that protein structures can at best last…

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Dubai Conference Spotlights Interest in Ancient Mysteries Is Atlantis rising in Dubai? From indoor ski venues to vast luxury developments built on artificial islands, the oil-rich desert kingdom on the southern Persian Gulf has amply demonstrated that when it is interested in something, cost is no restraint on its imagination. Now, apparently, the kingdom has publicly demonstrated its taste for ancient myster­ies—Atlantis Rising-style. For two days in November (the 29th and 30th) no less than five (out of eight) world-class speakers who have ei­ther written…

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Still More News

20,000-Year-Old Civilization Discovered in West Bengal For those committed to the idea that civilization began about six or seven thousand years ago, at the most, the news out of India in March was more than a little disturbing. Archaeologists digging into the “yellowish soil” in West Ben­gal’s Murshidabad district have discovered signs of civilization dating back 20,000 years. According to Amal Roy, the state archaeology department’s superintendent, Indian scientists have found stone tools, as well as agate, Quartz, chert and chalcedony used by a hunting…

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Giants in the Earth


Were there really giants roaming the earth in ancient times as the famous Biblical passage informs us? If we are to believe the books of the Bible that follow Genesis, tribes of giants were still inhabiting much of the Middle East even when the Israelites arrived in the “Promised Land.” In the Old Testament we are informed of the numerous ensuing battles between the Israelites and certain giant tribes known as the Anakim, Zuzim, Zamzummin, Emim, Avvim, Hor­ites and Rephaim. The most famous giant was,…

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