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Can Friendly Bacteria Help Clean Up the Gulf Oil Spill? As the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico grew worse over the early summer, it was difficult to imagine how the vast pool of brown sticky goo could ever be disposed of. As in the human digestive system, at least some of the answer may yet come from bacteria, what might be called friendly bacteria. Researchers at Oregon State University say they have discovered a new strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa—a common bacteria that researchers…

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No Fossils Needed to Make Oil, Study Says Is Earth about to run out of oil? The answer, according to many mainstream scientists, is yes, and pretty darn soon. Citing conventional wisdom about possible worldwide oil reserves and the alarming rate at which we are using them up, these authorities predict a day in the not-too-far-distant future when the world will no longer be able to power it­self with “fossil” fuels. But are they right? Are we really living off a limited bank account of…

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NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE GETS NEW SCRUTINY A major new study is underway in London’s Hammersmith Hospital which is intended to answer, once and for all, scientifically speaking, the question: is there life after death? Headed up by the highly respected medical scientist Dr. Sam Parnia, the project is intended to take a very rigorous look at the celebrated and so-called Near Death Experience (NDE), with the goal of determining whether or not it is real, or merely illusion. Parnia says he started as a skeptic…

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