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Patent Sought for Flying Disk For years, self-described UFO witnesses have reported disk-shaped craft that moved quickly and silently and like noth­ing we are accustomed to on earth. Such “craft” have long been scoffed at by mainstream scientists as beyond the possibilities of physics. Now it turns out that the scoffers may be wrong and that UFO observers may be proven more plausible that once thought. A University of Florida professor has designed and filed for a patent on a plasma-propelled flying saucer that he…

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One Man’s Strange Quest for ET Propulsion

Since a new book about David Hamel is out, I’ll introduce him to you. He’s an unpolished old jewel, a crusty Canadi­an who somehow glimpsed a technology which works on different propulsion principles than those used on Earth to­day. David Hamel could be called a contactee, but I won’t pin a label on his experience. Does it matter whether he was contacted by visitors from the cosmos, or was astral traveling or whatever level of inter-dimensional experience he had? The fact is that information was…

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