light body

The Age of a Sage

By John White

A recent talk show on a major network said that some scientists studying longevity believe humans can, through medical science, live to 125. The critical factors, the show host said, were diet, exercise and replacement of worn-out parts with new ones grown in the laboratory. Apparently, they’d never heard of yogis and other spiritual masters living to 200 and beyond. That is not to say all yogis and sages are long-lived; they clearly aren’t. Nor is it to say they have the longest aver­age lifespan;…

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Icons & Soul Alchemy


The transfiguration of Jesus is one of the most transcendent, yet bizarrely neglected, events ever recorded in myth or sacred tradition. Perhaps this is because it sounds mystical in the extreme, even preposterous, like the story of a ge­nie out of a bottle. Midway through his ministry, Jesus took three disciples and slipped off secretly to a high moun­tain on the borderland between the human and divine. He had something to show them. Suddenly, says Mark, Jesus becomes radiant, his clothing shining white as light….

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