John Anthony West

Rama’s Bridge

By Dr. Rita Louise

Historians, archaeologists and researchers into our distant past insist that civilized life began on the Earth about five thousand years ago. They point to an absence of hard evidence supporting the existence of a preexisting culture prior to the rise of the Sumerians and the Egyptians, and despite recently discovered ruins of advanced construction at Turkey’s Gobeckli Tepe dating to over twelve thousand years ago. When alternative historians such as John Anthony West, Robert Schoch, and Graham Hancock propose that structures on the Giza plateau…

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Robert Schoch Replies

By Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.

The notion that the Great Sphinx of Egypt has its origins in extreme antiquity, dating back to at least circa 5000 BC, and quite conceivably 8000 BC or earlier, is an argument that I have developed over two decades based on painstaking analyses of the geology of the Giza Plateau (where the Great Sphinx and Great Pyramid are located). Conventional Egyptological thinking dates the Sphinx to 2500 BC, during the Fourth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom. My dating plac­es its oriågins long before the rise…

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Sons of “The Secret”

By Marsha Oaks

The recent blockbuster DVD The Secret has spawned a variety of follow-ups, two of which we review here. Since both make reference to The Secret, and since we have not previously discussed it, we will review it for you below. The big “secret” is called “The Law of Attraction” and is basically about vibration—your thoughts vibrate either negatively or positively creating your life and world. Readers of previous reviews in Atlantis Rising might well remember the popu­lar DVDs: Activating Your Power to Create, The Biology…

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