James Churchward

Technologies of the Gods—In the Americas

By Frank Joseph

Atlantis Rising readers and regular watchers of the History Channel are familiar with some amazingly sophisticated high technology that highlighted the ancient Old World. Examples include the Eastern Mediterranean “Antikythera Device”—a 2,100-year-old analog computer designed to calculate astronomical positions; Minoan Crete’s Phaistos Disc—a baked clay artifact impressed with movable type 32 centuries before Guttenberg re-invented the same process; a dynastic Egyptian pregnancy test that preceded our own by more than four thousand years; and many other specimens of advanced application. Far less well known are…

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ICE AGE: Fact or Fiction?


In the beginning, the future earth was but a molten mass of fiery gases. Like all corporeal worlds, its destiny was to begin in fire and end in ice. For 19th century science, this was a stable dictum—“A constant heat loss from a once fiery earth.” The flaming earth, of course, had to cool quite a bit before we could go for a walk in the park. But it is the steady and trifling loss of heat that concerns us most. According to Isaac Asimov,…

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