Indiana Jones

Enigma of the Crystal Skulls


With the opening of the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, millions have been learning for the first time about one of the most remarkable stories in the annals of archaeology, the mystery of the crystal skulls. The movie may be fiction, but the tale of the crystal skulls is not only filled with plenty of Hollywood-style adventure, a lot of it is true. One of the most fascinating substances in nature, crystal lends itself uniquely to various adaptations, including in­formation…

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Distinguishing Reality from Illusion


As David Childress points out in his piece on crystal skulls elsewhere in this issue, there is some truth to the story in the latest Indiana Jones epic, even if the producers did get somewhat carried away. The same can be said for many Hollywood productions, including some that are even more outrageous. The producers of Tinseltown like to grab a fact or two as their starting point and then to venture into the imaginary. Mutant powers, as in X-Men, are based on actual medical…

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