Secrets of Angels & Demons

By Philip Coppens

Whereas the inspiration for Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code can be clearly tracked down—so much so that the likes of Baigent and Leigh felt they should sue the author—Brown’s Angels & Demons is far more original, both in theme and execution. Whereas Leonardo da Vinci, the Priory of Sion and Opus Dei had been almost done to death both in fiction and non-fiction, no one had ever used the Italian genius Bernini as a source of esoteric intrigue… perhaps because, if anything, Bernini appeared…

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Shakespeare and Dr. Dee

By Vincent Bridges & Teresa Burns

In 1921, The Occult Review, a British illustrated monthly journal, ran an insightful article entitled “Shakespeare and the Occult” that quite plausibly concluded that many of his plays were unintelligible without an understanding of the esoteric subjects they featured. Today, if you Google the words Shakespeare plus occult, you’ll find over half a million hits. Included are modern Rosicrucian claims that: “No one familiar with esoteric doctrines can have any question as to Shakespeare’s familiarity with the wisdom of the Illuminati.” You’ll also find Jewish…

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Lost Ancient Technology


Since its inception, this magazine has devoted considerable space to the topic of lost ancient technology. We even produced a video/DVD on the subject, Technologies of the Gods, and a book Forbidden History. Now two of the re­searchers who played key roles in much of our coverage have teamed up to produce a DVD of their own. ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY IN EGYPT David Hatcher Childress and Christopher Dunn “Archaeology is largely the study of history’s toolmakers,” says Chris Dunn, “and archaeologists understand a soci­ety’s level of…

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