Giordano Bruno

The Celestial Art of Keeping Secrets


There is little doubt that Freemasonry inherited a body of knowledge from remarkably early times. While masons used such knowledge for practical applications in building cathedrals and bridges, they understood a concept of “As above, so below,” that went far beyond the practical. They were not the only ones. From the most ancient times man believed the heavens ruled the earth. Going against the will of the stars was inviting trouble. As “aster” was the Greek word for star, a dis-aster was the result of…

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Prague’s other Universe


If there was ever a break in the space-time continuum, it came on the afternoon of November 8, 1620, on the slopes of White Mountain hill just outside the city of Prague, then the capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia and today the cap­ital of The Czech Republic. In a little over an hour, the 20,000-man army of the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II defeated the 25,000-man army of the King of Bohemia Frederick V. The Battle of White Mountain marked the beginning of Europe’s…

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