Passing the Torch


Is the mystery and magic in our world diminishing? Are there still secrets or subtle esoteric teachings to learn by fol­lowing a metaphysical path of study? You may think that modern science has dispelled magic from the world, but if you look closer, you can see it exists in full view. The rituals we use to inaugurate a new President, to initiate a new member into a civic organization, or to begin a path of martial arts or spiritual study serve to make more concrete…

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The Lost Legacy of Freemasonry


Dan Brown’s recent bestselling novel, The Lost Symbol, depicts Freemasonry as having a fundamental role in the founding of America. The “lost” symbol or final secret of Freemasonry as used by Brown in his fast-paced thriller, gives, along the way, very good information about Masonic lore and its role in the formation of our nation. (I speak as a Mason, myself.) Central to it all are images of light, and the answer—during Masonic initiations—which a candi­date gives to the question, “What do you desire most…

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No Rest for the Orthodox


Among the many topics of particular interest to those who question the standard formulations of the pardigm police are the shroud of Turin, the ark of the covenant, the role of Mother Mary, the secret history of the United States, etc. Though many studies have purported to offer the last word on these and similar subjects, it is a testament to their uniquely enigmatic qualities that our interest persists, and it looks like there is still room for more to be said on the subject;…

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