Shakespeare and the Burmuda Triangle


The survivors of a wrecked craft find themselves on an impossibly remote island. They salvage what they can from the craft and make camp on the beach. On this island, compasses don’t work, strange lights appear and disappear, boars crush through the forest. At least one man would find the new island the clean slate he so badly needed. Most would later regret leaving the island. Sound familiar? Actually, this is not the crash of Oceanic 815 (from the popular ABC series Lost). It is…

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The John Dee/007 Connection

By Steven Sora

What do the mystical Dr. John Dee and the spy James Bond have in common? A lot more than meets the eye. Dr. John Dee was a sixteenth century alchemist, magician, and Christian cabalist who so entranced Queen Eliza­beth that she even had Dee run her astrological chart to pick the most propitious day and time for her coronation. His home at Mortlake contained more books than any private library in England as well as a magic mirror that, it was said, would astound all…

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Rosslyn Chapel & 2012


The inscription on William Sinclair’s grave in Rosslyn Chapel reads: William de St. Clair, Knight Templar. On his gravestone a mysterious key with an eight-pointed cross is depicted. The official coat of arms of the Sinclair’s is a four-pointed cross in a stitch pattern, and it’s well known that the Knights Templar used both four- and eight-pointed crosses in their coat of arms. So the question is: what does this key on William Sinclairs grave represent? Could this key possibly unlock some of the mysteries…

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Unseen Powers Within


The invisible world which, despite its intangible aspect, inspires much of the human race to carry on, while often en­raging the rest, is a common theme uniting each of our films for this issue. They are, however, dealing with very dif­ferent dimensions of the central riddle of existence. DOES GOD EXIST? A Debate Between Christopher Hitchens & William Lane Craig La Mirada Films On April 4, 2009, William Lane Craig and Christopher Hitchens met to debate the existence of God. The debate was moderated by…

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