Francis Drake

The Underground Stream & Rennes-le-Chateau

By Steven Sora

Millions who have read Dan Brown’s book or seen the movie The Da Vinci Code, have been intrigued by the story of the Priory of Sion, a mysterious secret society which some believe operated for centuries behind the scenes of Eu­ropean and American history. As has been argued recently in British courts, most of the ideas in Brown’s book were taken from the the 1980s best-seller Holy Blood, Holy Grail, but the actual facts behind both works were laid down decades and centuries earlier. Today…

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Shakespeare and the Burmuda Triangle


The survivors of a wrecked craft find themselves on an impossibly remote island. They salvage what they can from the craft and make camp on the beach. On this island, compasses don’t work, strange lights appear and disappear, boars crush through the forest. At least one man would find the new island the clean slate he so badly needed. Most would later regret leaving the island. Sound familiar? Actually, this is not the crash of Oceanic 815 (from the popular ABC series Lost). It is…

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The Grail in America


A great deal of literature has seen light in recent years about the voyage of the “Holy Grail” from Europe to America. The idea of a Templar Fleet sailing the oceans and carrying their treasure trove across the Atlantic was extensively re­searched by Baigent and Lee for their 1989 “The Temple and the Lodge.” Many authors had picked up the theme, tracing and documenting the ability of the original Knights Templar to perform such a feat, as they escaped from the continent on their ships…

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