Francis Bacon

Will the Real William Shakespeare Please Stand Up

By Frank Joseph

Born the son of a glove maker in 1564, William Shakespeare eventually moved to London, where he joined a troupe of actors known as the Lord Chamberlain’s Men at their Globe Theater. Having reached forty-nine years of age, Wil­liam retired with his wife, Anne, and daughter, Judith, to his birthplace at Stratford-upon-Avon, where he died 25 April 1616. That is virtually everything history has to say about a man whose work forms the greatest contribution to Eng­lish-speaking theater. It seems then hardly surprising that questions…

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Lost Secrets Of The Bruton Vault


Visitors to Virginia’s Colonial Williamsburg Park come to see what America was in the seventeenth century when set­tlers from England came to create a New World. They walk on quaint streets filled with brick houses and blacksmith shops, get canned speeches from costumed characters like a historical Disneyland, and visit souvenir vendors for a piece of history to take home. Few know that they may be walking over, literally, a secret vault containing the writ­ings of Sir Francis Bacon and others. If they did, they…

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Physics or Metaphysics?

By Lulie Loar

“Any scientific model does not describe the Universe but rather describes what our brains are capable of saying at this time.”—Robert Anton Wilson, Ph.D. Einstein’s general relativity theory and quantum theory are the two most significant theories of twentieth century physics. General relativity describes everything larger than a particle, and how energy and mass behave in relation to each other, while quantum physics explains the uncertain behavior and construction of the particles, to the point where we enter the fabric of space-time itself. It’s been…

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America’s Ambiguous Beginnings


It has be said, that even paranoids have enemies. Sometimes those enemies might be other paranoids. The one thing most conspiracy theories have in common, be they of the right or the left, is fear and plenty of it. The idea of collu­sion behind the scenes may scare some people, but it really depends on who is doing the colluding and who is being kept in the dark. Certainly America’s victory in World War II was made possible because secret plans were made in se­cret…

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