Italian Inventors Enter ‘Cold Fusion’ Arena


An “Energy Catalyzer” is the new item on the energy frontier at the time of this writing. Italian engineer Andrea A. Rossi and Professor Sergio Focardi of the University of Bologna announced a technology for a reaction that produces excess heat—at low cost and in quantities that would make it commercially useful. It involves a catalytic reaction be­tween nickel, hydrogen, and some secret elements, but they avoid calling it “cold fusion.” At this time it looks like the Italians do have a viable technology that…

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From Whirlpools to Gyres: The Promise of Vortex Science

By Jeane Manning

If you personify nature and think about what would be in Mother Nature’s toolbox, you’d see her favorite shape, the vortex. It’s a three-dimensional spiral and comes in various sizes from galactic down to the planetary scale—the helical trajectories of planets—and on down to microscopic vortices. It has other names such as gyre and helix. You see its spiraling imprint on seashells and fern fronds, pinecones and pineapples—and throughout our own bodies. Nature not only works with the vortex shape, nature plays with it. By…

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