Face on Mars

Hidden Agenda?


Going dark,” in espionage parlance, means hiding and ceasing to communicate, as when a spy goes to ground un­til things calm down. To “take it dark” means to remove something from public view, meanwhile clandestinely con­tinuing to operate whatever the asset may be. This can be as simple as moving a suddenly sensitive discussion from an open radio channel to an encrypted one, or the more complicated faking the breakdown of a satellite, or even re­porting its loss, but continuing to clandestinely receive the data….

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Mars Exploration and the “F Words”

By J. Douglas Kenyon

Most readers of this magazine are familiar with the controversy surrounding the so-called “Face on Mars.” Originally photographed by NASA’s Viking Lander in 1976, a formation on the Cydonia plain looked for all the world like an im­mense enigmatic face gazing straight up into the sky. Researcher Richard Hoagland subsequently made himself fa­mous with a book The Monuments of Mars which argued convincingly that the “Face” was the work of a lost ancient civilization and, indeed, was part of a huge complex of engineered, albeit…

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The Curious Case of the Martian Parrot While the so-called Face on Mars, gazing enigmatically upward from the Cydonia plain, has remained the most famous ex­ample of what some believe to be evidence for human-like civilization on the red planet, it is, by no means, the only one. Now, the possible sighting of an enormous Martian “geoglyph” closely resembling a parrot is getting some new scientific scrutiny. According to researcher George Haas and his colleagues at the Cydonia Institute, which studies anomalous material from Mars,…

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More News

Sabotaging the Search for Life on Mars The search for life on Mars, if not elsewhere, may be doomed from the start. There is real evidence that the folks at NASA and elsewhere within the space establishment may be, at least subconsciously, trying to block such a discov­ery. A few years ago when the Jet Propulsion Laboratory was forced by public pressure to take high-resolution photo­graphs of the notorious Face on Mars, the resulting publicly released image was so distorted through the use of high-and…

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Still More News

2001-Like Monolith Discovered on Mars In the 1960s Stanley Kubrick’s movie 2001: a Space Odyssey, a mysterious monolith, which suddenly appears on Earth, diverts the course of human evolution. Mankind, thus stimulated, ultimately sets out for the stars and finds similar monoliths placed along the way in space, providing a kind of trail of virtual breadcrumbs toward some un­known cosmic banquet. Not surprisingly, many who saw the movie were startled by recent reports that something very much like the 2001 monolith had been photographed on…

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Time Traveling for the U.S. Military

By Len Kasten

The black and white photograph shows a boy standing alone in a clearing on the Gettysburg battlefield. He is wearing a men’s Union Army parka and shoes about four sizes too large. He appears somewhat out of place since he is all alone. In the background, a large audience is assembled, and a dais is set up, while in the foreground a group of three men is in serious discussion. The photo purports to be the scene just before Lincoln began to deliver the Gettysburg…

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By Julie Loar

“I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for it swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only what they defend.”—J. R. R. Tolkien Mars, the red planet, is fourth in order from the Sun and second closest to Earth after Venus. Mars made its closest ap­proach to Earth in nearly 60,000 years on August 27, 2003, bringing its telescopic presence into sharp focus. Mars or­bits the Sun in 687 Earth days, but one rotation on its axis…

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In Search of Hidden History


Just because the mainstream culture does not believe some things are possible, does not make it so. This issue’s selection of DVDs will make that very clear to the open-minded. For everyone else, there is the mainstream media. OCCULT AMERICA: The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped the U.S. Mitch Horowitz (at A.R.E.’s annual Ancient Mysteries Conference) Editor-in-Chief of Tarcher/Penquin and author of the bestselling Occult America, Mitch Horowitz bases his talk on the content of this book. Still a scary word to many today—occult—why…

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