Physics from Outside the Box

By William B. Stoecker

The standard model of modern physics is an uneasy blend of relativity theory and quantum mechanics. Relativity theory, developed by Hendrik Lorentz and Henri Poincare and Albert Einstein, supposedly explains gravity and the bending of light near massive bodies, among other things. Quantum mechanics has given us lasers and transistors and also purports to explain a good many things. But no one yet has developed, and then conclusively proven, a theory completely unifying these two pillars of modern physics. Most recently, string theory has attempted…

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Cayce Readings “Crystal-ized” Energy Invention


This month’s column is a celebration of the life of Dr. Wingate Lambertson, who died last month, mere weeks before his 90th birthday. His wife Eileen passed on earlier this year. They had chosen Florida for most of their retirement years, so his final month was also shadowed by news of oil drifting toward familiar beaches. Before I get to his story, I want to mention the latest DVD in the “Energy from the Vacuum” series—the story of a cold-heat, zero-fuel engine system. There’s an…

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Nikola Tesla & the God Particle


It was in 1976 while I was in the midst of following another story at the New York Public Library when I found Tesla’s name for the first time. It was alleged, in a book on avatars, that Tesla had been born on another planet. He had land­ed in the mountains of Yugoslavia in 1856 to give us humans the induction motor, fluorescent and neon lights, wire­less communication, remote control, robotics, and our entire electrical power system. What immediately struck me was that had this…

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