El Dorado

Ancient Cities in the Forest

By William B. Stoecker

It has been said that we might not even recognize an alien life form should we encounter one, nor the ruins of an ali­en civilization (at least not on Mars, if NASA and JPL have their way). But how about ancient ruins here on Earth? Are we often looking in the wrong places and overlooking evidence of cultures that do not fit our preconceived no­tions? Can we even define “civilization”? There is reason to believe that the ruins of ice age “Atlantean” cultures may lie…

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God & Gold


Is money the root of all evil? No, quite the opposite. Interestingly, the origin of money arises from humanity’s search for God from our perennial human concern with the divine. Before monetary systems began in the third millennium B.C.E., wealth was simply the accumulation of material goods, livestock and other commodities. The basis of economics was simple barter: so many cattle for so much grain, etc. But when wealth began to be stored on a symbolic basis by using money, which has little or no…

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