Dean Radin

The Lost Mind

By Philip Coppens

With an initial print run of five million copies, The Lost Symbol instantly became the biggest-selling adult hardback of all time. Most attention at the release of the book went to the Masonic themes woven into the story line, seeing this is what was likely to create the potential controversy. But there is a far more interesting and bigger story line that forms the veritable spine of the story: the fact that advances in modern science have been made that reveal deep insights into the…

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Entangled Minds and the Quantum Factor

by Patrick Marsolek

Do you believe in psychic phenomena or are you skeptical? Have you had an experience not explainable by materialis­tic science? If you have and you’re curious about your experiences, you may have already delved into the realm of par­apsychology. This field of anomalous leftovers is what the early psychologist and philosopher William James called the “unclassified residuum,” a field which has been labeled pseudoscience by many mainstream scientists. If you explore with an open mind, you will find a large amount of scientifically valid research…

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Mysteries of Body Wisdom

By Patrick Marsolek

Does your body know what is right or wrong for you? Can you use your body to discover the roots of an illness, find out what foods are good for you, look into your future or even find truth? There are many different alternative thera­py practitioners who believe you can. Have you been to a chiropractor, experienced Touch For Health or Body Talk, or had your Naturopath test you to determine what allergies you have or which vitamins you should be taking? All of these…

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More News

Brain Surgeon Discovers Heaven Exists Dr. Eben Alexander, a Harvard-trained brain surgeon, once believed the brain was the seat of consciousness. No longer. The author of a new book, Proof of Heaven, has gone public with a remarkable personal story. The upshot, he concludes, “Consciousness is the most profound mystery in the Universe,” and the brain cannot account for it. After contracting meningitis in 2008, Alexander suffered clinical death. The part of his brain that controls human thought and emotion was completely shut down, but,…

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Even More News

Brain to Brain Communication “It’s not telepathy,” says Dr. Christopher James. Yet the British researcher and his team at the University of South Hampton in England say they have figured out how to do direct brain-to-brain communications over the Internet. We know what you’re thinking: isn’t that telepathy? For those who have dreamed of the fantastic possibilities of actual mind reading, the new approach may seem somewhat unsatisfying. True telepathy, as far as most current scientists are concerned, doesn’t even exist. And, cer­tainly, in the…

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Still More News

Nobel Winner Defends Homeopathy Homeopathic medicine may not be respected by most mainstream scientists, but that does not include the winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for medicine. French virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier, who won for discovering the AIDS virus, takes the often-sneered-at science very seriously. According to the Huffington Post, Montagnier recently told a gathering of Nobel winners that he thinks homeopa­thy has great significance to the future of medicine. “I can’t say that homeopathy is right in everything” he told the journal Science,…

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Big Science on Trial

by Martin Ruggles

Late in November of 2009 a hacker broke through the computer security system of the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England, and copied over 3000 pages of e-mail and computer code which were shortly disseminated across the Internet. Revealed in the documents was what climate warming skeptics soon trumpeted as a shocking picture of scientific fraud and deceit of enormous significance. The ensuing internet/science tsunami was, and continues to be, of near biblical proportions. And while global warming…

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The Psi in CSI

By Barbara Jason

Are police departments today more willing to utilize something other than traditional techniques—including the psy­chic—for solving crime? Do ongoing developments in forensic science and technology obviate the use of the mind in criminal detection? Where does the future lead us? In truth, the traditional role of the detective is itself a relatively new development in law enforcement. An out­growth of the recognized need for specialists who could keep some distance from ordinary street policing led to the development of a group of specialists who could…

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Sons of “The Secret”

By Marsha Oaks

The recent blockbuster DVD The Secret has spawned a variety of follow-ups, two of which we review here. Since both make reference to The Secret, and since we have not previously discussed it, we will review it for you below. The big “secret” is called “The Law of Attraction” and is basically about vibration—your thoughts vibrate either negatively or positively creating your life and world. Readers of previous reviews in Atlantis Rising might well remember the popu­lar DVDs: Activating Your Power to Create, The Biology…

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Science Versus Spirit


Science and spirit, say some, have nothing in common. But, not so fast, say others. In fact, they would argue, they are but different sides of the same coin. All three of our offering in this issue wrestle anew with the ancient challenge of uniting these polarities and all, to some degree, succeed. LIVING MATRIX A Film on the New Science of Healing Greg Becker, Director This provocative film about healing and the nature of human health brings breakthrough information that will transform your understanding…

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