Hidden Agenda?


Going dark,” in espionage parlance, means hiding and ceasing to communicate, as when a spy goes to ground un­til things calm down. To “take it dark” means to remove something from public view, meanwhile clandestinely con­tinuing to operate whatever the asset may be. This can be as simple as moving a suddenly sensitive discussion from an open radio channel to an encrypted one, or the more complicated faking the breakdown of a satellite, or even re­porting its loss, but continuing to clandestinely receive the data….

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Mars Exploration and the “F Words”

By J. Douglas Kenyon

Most readers of this magazine are familiar with the controversy surrounding the so-called “Face on Mars.” Originally photographed by NASA’s Viking Lander in 1976, a formation on the Cydonia plain looked for all the world like an im­mense enigmatic face gazing straight up into the sky. Researcher Richard Hoagland subsequently made himself fa­mous with a book The Monuments of Mars which argued convincingly that the “Face” was the work of a lost ancient civilization and, indeed, was part of a huge complex of engineered, albeit…

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Life In the Solar System Then & Now

By William B. Stoecker

Given the harsh conditions on our Moon and on Mars, and even worse conditions elsewhere in our solar system, could it still be that we are not alone even in this solar system? It seems unlikely that advanced life forms could have developed on Mars, with its thin, dry atmosphere and in­tense cold, or on our airless Moon, or on Venus, with its hellish surface conditions. The outer planets, gas giants, have no solid surfaces. Moons like Europa and several others may have liquid water…

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