Criss Angel

Martial Arts & the Laws of Physics

By William B. Stoecker

Are the incredible feats of some martial artists a challenge to the standard model of physics? Is their brick-breaking, for example, evidence that some of them can control a mysterious primal energy? And martial artists are not alone; throughout history people have done things that would seem impossible for mere flesh and blood. Modern physics is having problems to begin with, resting uneasily on the twin pillars of relativity theory and quantum mechanics. There has been a problem all along with reconciling quantum gravity with…

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The Superhero Factor


It’s a very persistent myth—this idea that somehow humans can develop super-powers. It seems to be part of the mass subconscious, and various versions of the concept pop up repeatedly in science fiction comic books, television programs, and movies. One has to be careful to differentiate this concept of the super-human, or more familiarly, the “superman” from the man-machine version, more commonly known as a cyborg, which myth has an equal resiliency, especially lately (i.e., Iron Man). Typically, when such a mythology refuses to go…

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