The Case for Immortality

By Patrick Marsolek

“When I was fully into the light I realized it was the most incredibly beautiful light that I had ever seen. It seemed to have a personality that was beyond belief-loving. I was happy just being in the light. I remember then that I heard a voice that I thought was the light that surrounded me. Without having a body, somehow I talked to the voice. I was shown that the white light was really made up of all the colors. I was shown the…

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Politics, Money & Science


Despite the myth of the “objectivity” of “pure science,” there is nothing fully objective about the way practicing scien­tists actually pursue their business. Scientists, like everyone else, are influenced either subtly or explicitly by combi­nations of social, political, and religious pressures (even when reacting against such factors) and by deeply ingrained assumptions and worldviews that are virtually inescapable. The status quo rewards “good” scientists, those who tow the party line, with prestige, honor, promotions, grant money, personal gain, and even wealth. But those who step…

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Secrets of the Seventh Ray


In his article for Atlantis Rising #84 (“Politics and Psychic Manipulation in Romania”), Boston University professor and author of The Parapsychology Revolution (Tarcher/Penguin, 2008), Dr. Robert Schoch, wrote about a phenome­non called “The Violet Flame,” which he said had played an important role in the history of Romania. “The color vio­let is unlike any other color,” he explained, “and has long been a focus of attention by alchemists and occultists. Seen as the boundary between the physical and the spiritual, with the ability to promote…

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The Human Aura Real or Imaginary

By Patrick Marsolek

Japanese researchers have recently proven that the body emanates light. A man sits in a darkened room in front of a highly sensitive camera. The image showing on the screen in the next room shows visible light emitting from the man’s body, especially from the face and neck. The light being recorded is definitely not infrared radiation but is visi­ble light. It is at its lowest in the morning and seems to peak in the afternoon. It may be linked to the metabolic rhythms of…

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The Will to Disbelieve

By Michael Tymn

In his 1989 presidential address to the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), the late Professor Ian Stevenson pointed out that between 1910 and 1980 at least six presidents of the SPR asserted that telepathy had been proved, or nearly so. He wondered why, if telepathy had been proved by 1910, later presidents found it necessary to reiterate the claim. Dr. Stevenson speculated that each generation of researchers tends to believe its methods superior to those of its predecessors and therefore they may have seen the…

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Is Something Happening to Human Consciousness?

By Sol Luckman

Are you aware that a shift in human consciousness is occurring, even as you read these words, that employs celestial triggers such as supernovas and earth’s alignment with Galactic Center in the years leading up to 2012 to trigger the evolution of our species? This shift has been documented in a stimulating multimedia presentation entitled “Prepar­ing for the Shift,” by Barry and Janae Weinhold, Ph.Ds. Over decades devoted to the study of consciousness and evolu­tion, the Weinholds, both trained psychologists, have gathered overwhelming evidence that…

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Out-of-Body Experience


Have you ever had the experience of being out of your body? If it hasn’t happened to you, it’s likely that it has happened to someone you know. People from all walks of life have experienced feeling detached from their body and able to ob­serve it and their surroundings with lucidity. For many people this happens during or at the threshold of sleep, but it can also happen when highly aroused such as during a rock-climbing fall, a traffic accident or to a mother during…

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More News

Brain Surgeon Discovers Heaven Exists Dr. Eben Alexander, a Harvard-trained brain surgeon, once believed the brain was the seat of consciousness. No longer. The author of a new book, Proof of Heaven, has gone public with a remarkable personal story. The upshot, he concludes, “Consciousness is the most profound mystery in the Universe,” and the brain cannot account for it. After contracting meningitis in 2008, Alexander suffered clinical death. The part of his brain that controls human thought and emotion was completely shut down, but,…

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On the Consciousness Frontier with Russell Targ

By Jeane Manning

How does a laser physicist working for the CIA find his way to a spiritual awakening? Russell Targ, Ph.D., has made that journey from materialist/reductionist to psychic spy to spiritual seeker, and speaks openly about it. Targ’s psychic experiences began even before he did remote-viewing—the skill by which people envision distant places, activities, and times. The ESP work was supported by the CIA and other agencies for 20 years; governments want to use mind-to-mind connections for “defense.” Later, after a diagnosis of cancer, Targ learned…

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Doomsday Prospects for 2012

By Michael A. Cremo

In January 2012, I was in South India giving lectures at technical institutes and universities in and around the city of Salem, in the state of Tamil Nadu. Some of the professors and students said they were surprised to see me. Usually, when Western researchers come to India, they speak only at the major scientific and educational institutions in the big cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and so forth. They almost never come to the smaller institutions in out-of-the-way places like Salem. Well, I…

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