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DNA “TELEPATHY” BAFFLES SCIENTISTS By all the rules that science officially recognizes DNA shouldn’t be able to do this, but it can. According to a new study published in ACS’ Journal of Physical Chemistry B, by Geoff S. Baldwin, Sergey Leikin, John M. Seddon, and Alexei A. Kornyshev and colleagues, DNA has the ability to put itself together over a distance, revealing something which can only be described as a telepathic capability. Scientists call it bizarre and they have no explanation, so far. Despite commonly…

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The Super Collision Threat


The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, recently constructed the world’s largest energy particle accelerator/collider outside Bern, Switzerland. After a few delays the collider, known as the Large Hadronic Collider (LHC) was set to begin operations in May or June of this year. The LHC is a behemoth, contained in a circu­lar, concrete-lined tunnel of 16.5 miles, which crosses the border between Switzerland and France at four locations, though most of it lies in France. It is buried 100 meters underground, and the…

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Rings of Fire


Doomsday mavens have had their hands full recently, correlating every eschatological prediction (from Nostradamus to the Mayan calendar) with the current spate of earthquake and volcanic activity. Haiti, Chile, China, Japan, the United States, and several other countries have experienced temblors measuring high enough on the Richter Scale to cause widespread destruction and, in the cases of Haiti, Chile, and China, massive loss of life. Add in the chaos caused by new volcanic eruptions in Ecuador, Italy, Japan, Iceland, and even in the United States,…

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