Bermuda Triangle

Shakespeare and the Burmuda Triangle


The survivors of a wrecked craft find themselves on an impossibly remote island. They salvage what they can from the craft and make camp on the beach. On this island, compasses don’t work, strange lights appear and disappear, boars crush through the forest. At least one man would find the new island the clean slate he so badly needed. Most would later regret leaving the island. Sound familiar? Actually, this is not the crash of Oceanic 815 (from the popular ABC series Lost). It is…

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New Claims Made for Atlantis in the Caribbean Another controversial report for the finding of Atlantis has made the news; though, in fairness, it should be pointed out that no Atlantis claim was made by the new discoverers. The story which first appeared the Herald of Paris in De­cember reported that anonymous researchers had found, in the caribbean, the underwater ruins of a city. Accompa­nying the statement were several grainy satellite photos which appeared to show a vast grid structure complete with a pyramid and…

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New Pictures Show We Did Land on the Moon, After All In a blow to conspiracy theorists, who say we never went to the moon, NASA has produced new photos of the Apollo 11 lunar landing site. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) recently flew just 31 miles above the area in question and took pictures which show the TV camera, Lunar Module descent stage, and even Neil Armstrong’s footprints to the Little West crater. Also visible are two parts of the Early Apollo Science Experiments…

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