Enigma of the Crystal Skulls


With the opening of the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, millions have been learning for the first time about one of the most remarkable stories in the annals of archaeology, the mystery of the crystal skulls. The movie may be fiction, but the tale of the crystal skulls is not only filled with plenty of Hollywood-style adventure, a lot of it is true. One of the most fascinating substances in nature, crystal lends itself uniquely to various adaptations, including in­formation…

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Mexico’s Amazing Pyramid


“There are in Mexico the ruins of a prehistoric sacred city (Teotihuacan) which apparently in that country had the significance that Mecca possesses for Moslems, or Lourdes for Catholics.”—Mid-20th Century Atlantologist, Alexander Braghine Thirty three miles north of Mexico City lies the grandest archaeological zone on the continent, Teotihuacan. At the zenith of its power, believed to be about fourteen centuries ago, the ancient megalopolis may have embraced as many as 300,000 inhabitants, who dominated Middle America to a greater extent than any people before…

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Avalon in America?

By Steven Sora

In the late sixteenth century Queen Elizabeth had watched as Spain and Portugal, the Netherlands and France estab­lished themselves in the New World. They all made legitimate claims to the Americas that England could not match. Then she consulted her advisor, Dr. John Dee. Dee and his ally Sir Francis Bacon told her that England had claims much older than all of Europe, indeed, said Dee, King Arthur himself had crossed the Atlantic and set foot in the new land. Dr. Dee was Elizabeth’s advisor,…

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Lost Civilization & The Bermuda Triangle


Editor’s Comment In the first eighteen issues of Atlantis Rising we serialized, in graphic novel style a story called The Atlantis Di­mension. Based on a screenplay originally written in the early 1980s by editor Doug Kenyon (in collaboration with artist Tom Miller), the story recounted the adventures of a group of contemporary characters who discover the ruins of Atlantis beneath the waters of the so-called Bermuda Triangle. The action is driven by ancient events on Atlantis which unfold in the lives of the principal characters…

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Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the Forgotten Senses

By John Chambers

On his first night at Lubyanka Prison in Moscow, the lean, frightened army captain was subjected to subtle cruelties he never knew existed. And this despite the fact that he had been battling the Nazi invaders across the steppes of Rus­sia for four years, first as a soldier, then as an officer, in the Soviet Union’s Red Army. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 26, had been arrested at the battlefront on February 9, 1945, for making derogatory re­marks about Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in letters to a friend….

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Linda Goodman & the Secret of the Hollywood Cross


Some stories are weirder than anything Hollywood screenwriters could dream up. But then, facts are often stranger than fiction. How would you react if you were told that the phallus of the Egyptian god Osiris is possibly located un­derneath a buried pyramid in the very center of Hollywood—Los Angeles? Doesn’t this sound like something from a movie? Well, it isn’t. The site where Osiris’ phallus is supposedly buried is known as the Hollywood Cross, which sits on a small hill next to Interstate 101, at…

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Has Atlantis Finally Been Found at Bimini?

By Drs. Greg & Lora Little

The location of the legendary empire of Atlantis is perhaps one of the most contentiously debated issues in all alterna­tive archaeological circles. The small Bimini Islands, located a scant 50 miles from Florida, are at the center of an even more controversial debate—especially from those who favor the location of Atlantis virtually everywhere and anywhere in the world except in the Bahamas. Yet dozens of explorations at Bimini and associated areas have been ongoing since the mid-1930’s. While mainstream archaeology has essentially turned a deaf…

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Atlantis and the Neanderthals


Charles Hapgood, an American professor of history, became convinced in 1989 that a civilization, ‘with high levels of science,’ had existed at least 100,000 years ago. In the mid-1950s, Hapgood had written a book called Earth’s Shifting Crust, to which Einstein contributed an In­troduction, arguing that the whole crust of the earth undergoes periodic ‘slippages,’ one of which in 9500 B.C. had caused the North Pole to move from Hudson Bay to its present position. And in 1966, his Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings…

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The Bloody Politics of Archaeology

By Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.

The past is the past, and perhaps it is a truism that we can never know the past with absolute certainty. However it does not follow that the past should be manipulated or mythologized for present social, personal, and political agendas—yet that is what all too often happens, sometimes very purposefully and consciously, other times inadvertently. Often we fall into the trap of seeing what we want to see, seeing that which suits our current purposes. It occurs among laypeople, political leaders, archaeologists, and historians….

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Mystery Under the Ice


Will We Find an ‘Oasis’ Beneath Antarctica’s Lid? Beneath thousands of feet of ice, Antarctica is home to a vast warm water world which may contain a thriving “oasis of life.” According to a dramatic report released in December by National Geographic News (, Antarctica is not a barren polar desert, after all, but, indeed is a rich, complex envi­ronment where rivers larger than the Amazon link a series of “Lake districts,” which may teem with mineral-hungry microbes. For others, the possibilities could be much…

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