Antikythera device

Technologies of the Gods—In the Americas

By Frank Joseph

Atlantis Rising readers and regular watchers of the History Channel are familiar with some amazingly sophisticated high technology that highlighted the ancient Old World. Examples include the Eastern Mediterranean “Antikythera Device”—a 2,100-year-old analog computer designed to calculate astronomical positions; Minoan Crete’s Phaistos Disc—a baked clay artifact impressed with movable type 32 centuries before Guttenberg re-invented the same process; a dynastic Egyptian pregnancy test that preceded our own by more than four thousand years; and many other specimens of advanced application. Far less well known are…

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India’s Mystic Military


The Chinese invaded Tibet, and the Dalai Lama fled. This much many people know. Fewer know, though, of the sys­tematic, ongoing ravaging and suppression of Tibetan culture, institutions, monuments, writings, and above all, the people themselves, who have been made strangers and subhumans in their own land, deliberately dispossessed by waves of Chinese immigrants brought in to Sinize Tibet. And the Tibetan monks have been the direct and particular targets of Chinese repression, for it is they who iconify the essence of the Tibetan culture,…

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Still More News

Is Archimedes Due Credit for the Antikythera Device? A great deal of curiosity, if not awe, has arisen of late over the so-called Antikythera device, one of the great out-of­-place artifacts (sometimes called Ooparts) which have confounded conventional archaeology. Discovered in 1900 by sponge divers in the Aegean sea, the corroded lump which was first thought to be a rock was found to be the remains of a complex geared device—a virtual computer and a very good one at that. It came from the Greek…

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The Pursuit of Ancient Precision


Christopher Dunn is well known to the readers of Atlantis Rising. His many investigations of the fantastic tech­nologies of the ancients have been among our most popular features and constituted a major part of our bestselling book Forbidden History (Inner Traditions/Bear, 2005). Now Dunn has produced a new book focussing on the ex­traordinary technical achievements of the ancient Egyptians. What follows is from the foreword by professional en­gineer Arlan Andrews.—Editor What researcher Christopher Dunn has accomplished in his new book Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt…

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The High Technology of the Ancients


Derek J. de Solla Price got the shock of his life when the true identity of an artifact he happened to be cleaning finally dawned on him. The curious object had lain in Athens’ National Museum for half a century after being hauled up from 120 feet below the surface of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, sometime around Easter, 1900. It had been found by Elias Stadiatos, a Greek sponge diver working off the coast of Antikythera, a small island near Crete, and part of an…

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How Old Can This Strange Machine Really Be?

By Joseph Robert Jochmans, Lit.D

A few days before Easter Sunday in 1900, two small ships of Greek sponge divers, seeking shelter from a storm, an­chored just off of the small barren island of Antikythera, in the Aegean Sea. After the squall the ship’s divers discovered the remains of a 164-foot long ancient ship filled with bronze and marble statues, coins, gold jewelry, pottery, and other miscellaneous pieces. Among the finds was a small lump of corroded bronze and rotted wood. It was sent to the National Museum of Greece…

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