The Copper Scroll Conundrum

By Philip Coppens

In 1947 a number of scrolls were discovered in caves along the Dead Sea coast. They have gone down in history as “The Dead Sea Scrolls” and continue to be at the center of worldwide controversy. Why? Because the discovery and especially decipherment of these scrolls opened a radically different point of view on early Christianity and Judaism around the time of Christ. At the time of the discovery, some experts believed that the community that resided near­by, at Qumran, and which some have labeled…

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When Beauty Is More than Skin Deep

By J. Douglas Kenyon

The news in March was that science had at last revealed the “real” face behind the iconic bust of Nefertiti in Berlin’s Altes Museum. Beneath the skillful handiwork of Thutmose, the royal sculptor, was exposed yet another face also carved by him in stone. Researchers, we were told, using CT scans, had come “face-to-face” with the hidden image be­neath the outer stucco layers. Long regarded as one of the most beautiful women who ever lived, the queen, quoth science, was actually “wrinkled.” The report, however,…

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