The Case for Immortality

By Patrick Marsolek

“When I was fully into the light I realized it was the most incredibly beautiful light that I had ever seen. It seemed to have a personality that was beyond belief-loving. I was happy just being in the light. I remember then that I heard a voice that I thought was the light that surrounded me. Without having a body, somehow I talked to the voice. I was shown that the white light was really made up of all the colors. I was shown the…

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The Will to Disbelieve

By Michael Tymn

In his 1989 presidential address to the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), the late Professor Ian Stevenson pointed out that between 1910 and 1980 at least six presidents of the SPR asserted that telepathy had been proved, or nearly so. He wondered why, if telepathy had been proved by 1910, later presidents found it necessary to reiterate the claim. Dr. Stevenson speculated that each generation of researchers tends to believe its methods superior to those of its predecessors and therefore they may have seen the…

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The Insecurities of Debunkery


Recently in a couple of arguments with a pair of self-styled experts in the revealed wisdom of the current order, we were told in no uncertain terms that the writers of this publication were not qualified, academically speaking, to dis­cuss the topics which they have dared to do in these pages. Since both gentlemen seemed rather irate, we, in the in­terest of peace, referred one of them to those among our ranks who hold high degrees from exalted institutions, but before we tried that approach…

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The Paranormal Travels of Mark Twain

By John Chambers

In late May 1858, about to disembark with his younger brother Henry as a cub pilot on board the steamboat Pennsyl­vania, Samuel Clemens, then twenty-two, one day to call himself Mark Twain, had a terrifying precognitive dream. The future author of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884, 1885) later wrote that, in this dream, he “had seen Henry’s corpse. He lay in a metallic burial case. He was dressed in a suit of my clothing, and on his breast lay a great bouquet of flowers,…

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Frederic W.H. Myers


Ask any practicing psychologist or graduate psychology student about the contributions made by Frederic W. H. Myers to the field of psychology and you’ll likely get a befuddled reaction. Like, “Frederic Who?” And yet, some very distinguished scientists, scholars, and writers of his era looked upon Myers as a pioneer in the field of psychology, being one of the first, if not the first, to seriously delve into the subconscious. According to Dr. Sherwood Eddy, a popular American writer of the first half of the…

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On Knowing God & More


It’s 1970 and a young Deepak Chopra sits in front of a slot machine in Las Vegas. He’s just arrived from India to com­plete a medical residency and has brought all of $8 with him; enough, he decides, to warrant a gamble. Perhaps in a preview of how America would receive him, Lady Luck smiled, transforming the sum into $1,500. “It felt great!” re­members the now-famous author whom Time named as one of the top 100 heroes / icons of the twenty-first century. “But in…

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Surgeon Searches for the Soul

By Michael E. Tymn

There is one short question that sums up mankind’s greatest concern: Are brain and mind one and the same? If, as mainstream science chooses to believe, they are the same, we live in a purely mechanistic world without any real meaning, and we are all marching toward an abyss of nothingness. The materialist who waves the banner of human­ism will argue that meaning is found in building a better world for future generations, but that begs the question of what future generations will strive for…

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When is Coincidence Something Else?


Much of modern science seems to rest on a foundation of dogmatic (and unproven) philosophical materialism, a be­lief that matter (mass/energy/space/time), which the scientists cannot even define, is the prime reality and that mind/ thought/spirit/consciousness is a secondary manifestation. Aside from the fact that people who pride themselves on questioning every hypothesis should not accept materialism on faith, a little reflection should make it clear to anyone that none of us can be absolutely certain of the independent existence of that material universe out there….

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Suicide Doesn’t Work

By Michael E. Tymn

As a young boy, I accepted everything the Catholic Church taught as absolute truth. One such “truth” was that all those who committed suicide went to hell for eternity. And so when I was informed that my step-grandfather had hung himself, I struggled with visions of him burning in hell. I wondered why he did not foresee his fate and also pondered on why God isn’t more compassionate. Apparently, the Catholic Church has modified its position on suicide in recent decades. “We should not despair…

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