Admiral Byrd

Return to Oak Island

By Steven Sora

The road stretches on from one small town to another along Nova Scotia’s southern coast. Finally a sign indicates Oak Island, not a town, but a tiny island just over 100 acres in a bay that holds three hundred islands. The turn-off from Route 3 leads past a few houses and finally to a causeway with a sign announcing it is private property. There is little to indicate that this remote place, often shrouded in fog, is home to one of the world’s greatest and…

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Is the Earth Hollow?

By Brad Steiger

A hundred years before William Reed wrote The Phantom of the Poles (“scientific evidence proving that the earth is hollow”) and Marshall B. Gardner privately published his A Journey to the Earth’s Interior and when Jules Verne, who would later write A Journey to the Center of the Earth, was only nine years old, Edgar Allan Poe published his longest tale, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, which told of a fantastic land located in Earth’s center, reached by a hole at the pole. So…

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